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February 26 2009

Wash your hands frequently. And stop laughing at this old man.
— Andrew Bardin

Favorite NEW songs as of NOW

Furr - Blitzen Trapper

Good Days Bad Days - Kaiser Chiefs

The Mountain - Heartless Bastards
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Things to do before NYC

1. See my friends
2. Clear my fix-it ticket
3. Pack
4. See my family
5. Pick up comics from Christie
6. Bake a cake for Christie's boss
7. Store comics in garage
8. Clean my car

HowStuffWorks "Has Science Explained Life After Death?"

This article is super interesting. It's about out of body experiences and the scientific explanations behind them (albeit a little inconclusive). I know I'm a nerd!
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I wish I still had an XBOX 360!

New York New York

Best things about leaving for NYC:

1. The food
2. No 'rents
3. Kath
4. Living in West Village
5. Bleeker street

Worst things about leaving for NYC:

1. Missing my friends and family
2. Missing my girl
3. No equipment to bake with
4. No cds
5. No money


1. Skype
2. Will be back for graduation and WRESTLEMANIA
3. Can make new friends
4. Will hopefully get a job
5. ipod
There's no time in Drunk Land!
— Anonymous

Only By the Night - Kings of Leon

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This is my favorite record of 2008. Let me tell you this review!

I have always liked Kings of Leon. On their previous albums I thought they had a unique sound, tasteful instrumentation, a certain quirkiness (lots of freaky/weird noises coming out of frontman Caleb Followill's mouth), and solid songwriting. However, I did feel that they had yet to reach a certain level of depth and substance that I knew they were capable of. "Only By the Night" not only achieved that level of depth, but greatly exceeded all my expectations while being a fun record at the same time.

KoL maintains their signature sound on this record, which is comforting. But now, that sound has evolved into a bigger, better (yet still very familiar) beast. The spot-on drums and crunchy guitars create a gigantic sonic foundation for the vocals to soar over. Caleb's songwriting is improving with every album, and it is incredibly strong here. The songs are carefully structured and are completely memorable. That bastard!

Seriously, there is not a weak track to be found on this record. Every song sounds unique and compliments the others perfectly. "Sex On Fire" has a sense of urgency that I haven't felt in a song for a LONG time. Caleb's voice is fucking primal on this one. Plus, it never gets old! Never! Ever. "Revelry" is beautiful and intimate, and the bass line is absolutely gorgeous. "I Want You" is probably the best of the bunch, with a dreamy, sexy (uh-huh) atmosphere that still somehow manages to keep you on your toes. The most interesting track is the final one, "Cold Desert". Caleb recorded the vocal track completely FUCKED UP off alcohol and who knows what. 90% of the lyrics are improvised (surprisingly well), which is impressive. That drunk bastard!

I honestly don't know how they're going to top this one. This is the kind of record I love to sink my teeth into. OBTN is powerful, focused, balanced, and doesn't ever take itself too seriously, although there is a ton of raw emotion in there. I'm not going to stop listening to this album for years.

This soup tastes like random!

Hello everybody.

I'm leaving Benicia, CA for New York, NY tomorrow evening. I thought that this soup thingy would be a great way for me to stay connected to everyone back home, for the time that I'm gone. I'll try to keep this thing updated with random things going on with me, just for fun.

I'm going to geek out. A lot.
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