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Favorite NEW songs as of NOW

Bag Of Hammers - Thao

Reminds me of Vampire Weekend, but sounds a lot denser. There's a reggae feel to the song, but in an Oh-Bla-Di Oh-Bla-Dah way, not a No Doubt way.

The Rake's Song -
The Decemberists

Great song, much more bold than the last album's tracks. When the bass comes in, it kicks your ass. It'll break your speakers. The melody is cool, but the people shouting is kinda lame.

Untitled -
The Kooks

Posted above. Lookie.

Go On, Say It -
Blind Pilot

Absolutely love Israel Nebeker's (his real name) voice. It's very light, but also earthy and breathy. I love this style of music. It really showcases the songwriting and doesn't have any bells and whistles.

Get On Your Boots
- U2

There's a great energy to this song. The 1st part sounds like Rage Against the Machine. The 2nd sounds like Vertigo (by themselves), and the 3rd sounds like Fast Cars (also by themselves) on crack. The bridge (Let me in the sound sound!) is fucking awesome.

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