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"I'm gonna stay inside for good"

During the snowstorm on Sunday, I injured my foot whilst frolicking in a snow-covered Central Park. I am now apartment bound (due to said foot), and am going to plot out my schedule for the day to keep me from diving out my window to the New York streets below. Hmmm...

1. Work out- Do push ups, squats, jumping jacks, windmills, and shadowboxing. I want to be in good shape for when I come back to the lady. Plus, I hate being a skinny guy with a belly.

2. Research chocolate- I am trying to become as knowledgeable about chocolate as possible, so that I can be competitive in the confectionery world. I've got some thick books to read, and some interesting (and quite difficult to find) websites to visit. Viva la chocolatier!

3. Write songs- The new environment I have found myself in should give my songs a new feel and character. The only problem is...I don't have a piano! I will try to due without, but it will be difficult. I still miss the sexy beast...

4. Order out- Everybody has been telling me that their favorite part about New York is the option of having anything delivered to your doorstep. ANYTHING. I think I will order Thai food and cookies today. Delectable!

5. Listen to U2- I plan on listening to the new album extensively today. I have already heard it once through, and I like it, but there are always new things to be heard on any U2 album. I hope to fall in love with it.

Wish me luck!

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