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June 12 2009

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Sweet Dr. Horrible sculpt. Makes me wish there was Dr. Horrible a comic.

March 19 2009

I need to do this one day. This would be a dream come true.

March 18 2009


iDaft by NAJLE.COM

Most fun I've ever had at 5 in the morning.
A.O.C., which stands for l'Aile ou la Cuisse (the wing or the thigh) is a restaurant here in West Village that I eat at frequently. It's really good French cuisine with a cozy, highly intimate atmosphere. I have had the duck confit and the vegetable risotto, and both were delicious. You get surprisingly large portions, especially for a French restaurant. The chocolate polenta tart is amazing, and my favorite dessert in New York so far (the crust was perfect). It's a nice little restaurant in a nice little neighborhood.

March 17 2009

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I saw Luke play this when I saw The Kooks at the Warfield as an encore. It's a very cool song, with great chords and a well constructed melody. I remember loving it instantly at the show. It's unreleased and untitled, but I think it's called "Picking Up Loose Ends".
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Favorite NEW songs as of NOW

Bag Of Hammers - Thao

Reminds me of Vampire Weekend, but sounds a lot denser. There's a reggae feel to the song, but in an Oh-Bla-Di Oh-Bla-Dah way, not a No Doubt way.

The Rake's Song -
The Decemberists

Great song, much more bold than the last album's tracks. When the bass comes in, it kicks your ass. It'll break your speakers. The melody is cool, but the people shouting is kinda lame.

Untitled -
The Kooks

Posted above. Lookie.

Go On, Say It -
Blind Pilot

Absolutely love Israel Nebeker's (his real name) voice. It's very light, but also earthy and breathy. I love this style of music. It really showcases the songwriting and doesn't have any bells and whistles.

Get On Your Boots
- U2

There's a great energy to this song. The 1st part sounds like Rage Against the Machine. The 2nd sounds like Vertigo (by themselves), and the 3rd sounds like Fast Cars (also by themselves) on crack. The bridge (Let me in the sound sound!) is fucking awesome.

March 16 2009

Looks like...looks like...McGlinty. Whaddaya call it? Whaddaya call it?
— Katherine Scott (talking in her sleep)

March 14 2009


Can you name these Looney Tunes Characters? - sporcle

Take this test and tell me that the name of the mouse next to Speedy doesn't crack you up.

March 11 2009


March 09 2009

They're FUCKER actors.
— Katherine Scott

March 05 2009


"I'm gonna stay inside for good"

During the snowstorm on Sunday, I injured my foot whilst frolicking in a snow-covered Central Park. I am now apartment bound (due to said foot), and am going to plot out my schedule for the day to keep me from diving out my window to the New York streets below. Hmmm...

1. Work out- Do push ups, squats, jumping jacks, windmills, and shadowboxing. I want to be in good shape for when I come back to the lady. Plus, I hate being a skinny guy with a belly.

2. Research chocolate- I am trying to become as knowledgeable about chocolate as possible, so that I can be competitive in the confectionery world. I've got some thick books to read, and some interesting (and quite difficult to find) websites to visit. Viva la chocolatier!

3. Write songs- The new environment I have found myself in should give my songs a new feel and character. The only problem is...I don't have a piano! I will try to due without, but it will be difficult. I still miss the sexy beast...

4. Order out- Everybody has been telling me that their favorite part about New York is the option of having anything delivered to your doorstep. ANYTHING. I think I will order Thai food and cookies today. Delectable!

5. Listen to U2- I plan on listening to the new album extensively today. I have already heard it once through, and I like it, but there are always new things to be heard on any U2 album. I hope to fall in love with it.

Wish me luck!
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I want to be this man, but I believe you have to be born to do what he does.

March 02 2009

There's crumbs on my tummy!
— Katherine Scott

March 01 2009

Snow! But now it's just dirty water in my mouth.
— BJ Boo
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Kath getting ready for bed in her pajamas.

February 28 2009

I got goosebumps on my face!
— Katherine Scott
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Kath being all sleepy. Worst flight ever! We are both sleepy, yet can't fall asleep. Boo.
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Our kitchen. It's cozy.


We just arrived at the apartment. We're sleepy. It's in a really nice area of the West Village. Murray's cheese is really close! I love that place. Good cheese. I can't sleep, although I am exhausted. Kath just farted. Gross.

I'm very excited to go out and explore. Yeah! The apartment is awesome, too. I'm glad Kath is here with me. She's one of my best friends and it's less scary being here because she's here. She just farted again!

February 27 2009


To my friends...

I will miss you all very much. I'm sad to leave, but you have all helped shape me into the person I am, so for that I am eternally grateful and happy. Be safe and take care.
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